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Independent Commission Supporters Testify–Sue Hobart

July 13, 2013

Seven Falmouth wind turbine “neighbors” went to Boston on July 9, 2013 to testify before the Joint Committee on Public Health. The first to testify were Sue Hobart and her husband. Sue Hobart was forced to abandon her home and her florist business; Ed Hobart cashed out his retirement savings to be able to relocate.

At the hearing, she described her experience  and challenged the legislators:

So my question to you as legislators is this. Who do you really work for? Do you work for the Green industry and the Governor or do you work for the people of Massachusetts?

Is your job to protect the people or the green team? That shouldn’t be too hard to answer… in fact that should be easy or we can all go home right now.

The only way this health issue is ever going to be dealt with is by bringing real  doctors, sleep studies, EKGs and volunteer subjects into turbine effected locations  and actually studying the issues ON SITE! Not one of these so called experts  has ever even visited a turbine house. Without that there is zero actual science  being dealt with. Itʼs all speculation without on site actual testing on human  subjects.

This is science in the making. I encourage Massachusetts to be a REAL leader.  Find out what the mechanisms for the illness really are. Ask the hard questions…  Pull in some actual turbine victims and some top notch Otologists,  neuroscientists, cardiologists and sleep experts and begin a real medical study  on what is happening here.

I offer my home is a perfect place to start. There could be no better future for that place than to actually contribute to the progression and understanding of  how wind turbines are effecting the people forced to live near them.

Hobart’s full statement can be accessed here.

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