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Sue Hobart Testifies: bring real doctors to study affected homes

On the issues of wind turbines and health …. State House July 9, 2013

Sue Hobart formerly 476 Blacksmith Shop Road East Falmouth …1600 feet from the Webb Notus turbine…. the third wind turbine in Falmouth. The one no one talks about.

We have been forced to abandon our perfect home to protect our health—had no choice. Our home is empty and our savings are gone but we are alive and attempting to recover from this heart breaking and faith shattering experience. But we are not there by a long shot.

I cry every day I go back to my now toxic home…I wish with all my heart and soul I could still live there… but it’s impossible to rest there and one cannot live without sleep. I won’t even get into the other symptoms because by now you should have heard of them or you are not doing your homework.

Our home was the site of the MacPherson Report.* More homework? You should know what that is by now too. You should also know that these health problems are proliferating as fast at the turbines all over the world. This is not “something about Falmouth…or Fairhaven or Kingston or Situate….” this is something about industrial sized wind turbines. They affect people the same way all over the world. The WORLD…. it’s not about crazy people either…ITS ABOUT WIND TURBINES!

So there is obviously a growing a health problem and, given that more and more people are suffering from these carelessly sighted turbines, by who’s right do we continue to be ignored and degraded?

Is it the right of the Governor, based on some unqualified random “green” goal to push this agenda up our backsides at the expense of human health and well being…?

Will 1000 turbines propped up all over Massachusetts at the expense of the ratepayers and for the profit of the developers actually save the planet???? Anything short of that reads more like political shenanigans and corporate payoffs than logic.

Yet the pressure is on to swap out the facts, delay getting to the bottom of these very valid health issues and reach that big green goal at any price.

So my question to you as legislators is this. Who do you really work for? Do you work for the Green industry and the Governor or do you work for the people of Massachusetts?

Is your job to protect the people or the green team? That shouldn’t be too hard to answer… in fact that should be easy or we can all go home right now.

The only way this health issue is ever going to be dealt with is by bringing real doctors, sleep studies, EKGs and volunteer subjects into turbine effected locations and actually studying the issues ON SITE! Not one of these so called experts has ever even visited a turbine house. Without that there is zero actual science being dealt with. It’s all speculation without on site actual testing on human subjects.

This is science in the making. I encourage Massachusetts to be a REAL leader. Find out what the mechanisms for the illness really are. Ask the hard questions… Pull in some actual turbine victims and some top notch otologists, neuroscientists, cardiologists and sleep experts and begin a real medical study on what is happening here.

I offer my home is a perfect place to start. There could be no better future for that place than to actually contribute to the progression and understanding of how wind turbines are effecting the people forced to live near them.

If you want to use turbines as a viable source of energy in the future do this bit of research now … before so many mistakes are made that they ruin any possibility of recovery. Solve real problems with real medical research. Get to the bottom of the issue now before more damage is done. Is that too much to ask for?


*Editor’s note: Bruce McPherson bequeathed funds to study wind turbine health effects. The field study was performed at Sue Hobart’s home in April 2011. The data was subsequently analyzed and published in 2012 in the peer-reviewed journal article “Wind turbine acoustic investigation: infrasound and low frequency noise – A case study” by Stephen Ambrose, Robert Rand, and Carmen Krogh in the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 32(2) 128-141. [abstract only available].

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  1. July 14, 2013 7:07 pm

    I know Sue and I have seen how much she has suffered and how her health has been impacted since a 1.5 MW turbine was brought online within 2500 feet of her backyard. When I petsit at her home I feel the same awful symptoms as she experienced, often during high wind days. Many people who visited the home complained of not feeling well shortly after entering her property and home. I videotaped Falmouth wind turbine sufferers in interviews at the website listed below my comment for more information.

  2. Marie permalink
    July 14, 2013 6:13 am

    Thank you Sue Hobart! Greatings from Denmark


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