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Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts is a volunteer statewide alliance of grass roots organizations and individuals who are concerned about the negative health, environmental, and economic impacts of poorly-sited wind turbines.

We use education and advocacy to assist communities where wind projects have been proposed.

We bring testimony and evidence to local, regional and statewide governmental bodies.

Our interests include:

  • Compiling reports of adverse health effects caused by industrial wind turbines;
  • Advocating for energy conservation and efficiency;
  • Preserving the tradition of local control of land use and planning in the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth;
  • Scrutinizing the cost of electricity from wind energy as it impacts on residential budgets and business bottom lines;
  • Comparing the amount of electricity produced by wind turbines to other sources of electricity;
  • Unmasking the true cost of using wind energy to produce electricity;
  • Advocating for renewable energies that are appropriate and viable for Massachusetts;
  • Evaluating the environmental impacts of industrial wind turbine projects;
  • Preventing the industrial development of large tracts of land for wind turbines;
  • Conserving the forests of Massachusetts for their carbon sequestering capacities;
  • Conserving traditional scene scapes and historic places for the enjoyment of Massachusetts residents and in support of the state’s tourism industry; and
  • Revealing  the limits of Massachusetts wind energy’s role in the worldwide response to climate change.
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