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Gov. Patrick Discusses Independent Commission

July 12, 2013

Governor Patrick said he would sign a bill for an independent commission to perform a scientific health study of wind turbines if it arrives on his desk. The governor ‘s comment came during his monthly appearance on Boston Public Radio, a show hosted by Margery Eagan and Jim Braude on 89.7 FM WGBH Radio at noon each weekday. Caller  Linda Ohkagawa from Falmouth had testified in Boston on Monday in support of H2048, sponsored by Representative Sarah Peake. On the radio show, Ms. Ohkagawa said of the bill,

I think it’s much needed. For once it doesn’t put the burden of proof on the suffering people to prove harm. It assumes that there is probably some harm and it seeks to see what is the extent of that harm. I think that what we really want to know is are these (wind turbines) harm-free? …We feel the harm.

Her own experience led her to ask the question from a grandmother-to-new-grandfather vantage point–Patrick’s grandson was born in May and his photograph tweeted  on July 1, 2013 (“Deval Patrick Tweets Photo Of First Grandson” reported by CBS ‘s Boston affiliate WBZ).

Ohkagawa was one of seven Falmouth wind turbine “neighbors” to testify before the Joint Committee on Public Health in support of several bills that would establish an independent commission to study health effects. As she said on WGBH radio:

I fear the effects on my visiting grandchildren… when I see them holding their ears at my house, which I don’t see them doing at their own house.

Like many people in Massachusetts, Patrick’s remarks demonstrated little knowledge of wind turbine emissions. Like many officials, his comments minimize any dangers in the same dismissive way as the wind industry.

For the full 3-minute exchange, click here.

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  1. July 13, 2013 7:22 am

    The road to renewable energy, particularly wind energy, is full of unintended consequences. In particular, it fails to address the Climate Change issue because carbon avoidance has been found to be small to nonexistent, and in some instances carbon emissions are increased.
    We have come to understand the following about industrial size wind turbines:
    • They are not environmentally friendly.
    • They do not reduce greenhouse gases.
    • In addition to being very expensive, they are an add-on to our system for providing eclectic power.
    • They are a net job loser.
    • The annoyance and ill effects they cause is for nothing in return.
    • Large numbers of birds and bats are dying for nothing.
    • They cannot and will not replace coal.
    • Even if they do, the coal they replace will go to China to create worse world pollution.
    • You cannot trade the health of wind turbine abutters for those affected by coal.
    • The high added cost will not decrease in time
    • The money wasted on wind can better be spent researching for real alternatives.

    Forget about the governor. He is not about to reverse his misguided agenda. We need to concentrate on political leaders who can understand all of the above and have the courage to stand up and oppose the governor’s agenda.

    The governor has put the state on a path to more than double the cost of electricity which will lead to economic disaster, and we need political leaders willing to take the risks of opposing this misguided policy!


  1. Bill Could Be First Step to Study Health Problems | Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

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