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Independent Commission Supporters Testify–Lilli-Ann Green

July 13, 2013

The Falmouth Patch noted the hearing on Tuesday July 9, 2013 before the Joint Committee on Public Health, “Falmouth Townspeople Testify on Turbine Health” posted by Editor Emily Atteberry. Among the Cape Cod residents quoted was Lilli-Ann Green of Wellfleet, “who has researched turbine operations all over the world, [and] said the downfalls of living near wind turbines are also being felt in Europe.”

“There are clusters of people all over the world who are living too close to wind turbines and getting sick,” she said.

OLD-Health_complaints_Map_MAIn her testimony,  Green described her research and advocacy and said,

A commission to study the very real health impacts of wind turbines could make great advances. Since the spring of 2010 when the people in Falmouth started to experience health problems, I and others started to call for an honest study of the people living near wind turbines and experiencing health problems they did not have prior to the construction of the turbines.


What is happening is just so wrong.  I created a map recently to show that in at least 21 communities throughout our Commonwealth people are suffering physically from wind turbines located too close to their homes. [The map is shown here].


To date there has been no study. People who have filed numerous health complaints with their local boards, some over many years, are still suffering. It is extremely important that the health, safety and well being of the citizens in MA are first and foremost and not trumped by any political agenda.

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