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Independent Commission Supporters Testify–Mark Cool

July 14, 2013

Mark_Cool_July-9-13_hearingMark Cool’s full testimony can be found on his Firetower Wind site–it follows a report on the July 9, 2013 hearing from the Falmouth PatchFalmouth Townspeople Testify on Turbine Health.” He notes that  “the Wind Turbine Option Process (WTOP) committee… [was] unable to determine legitimate methods for gaining answers to questions regarding the health, safety and well-being of Falmouth’s impacted neighbors.” He continues:

H2048 could be a start to actually doing health studies that will medically explain why I should abandon my home, or why poorly sited wind turbines effect my cognitive skills as an air traffic controller.

Since Falmouth turned on it’s turbines, I have become sick like no other time in my life.  My private physician doesn’t understand my illness.  Town Hall doesn’t understand my illness.  Many community friends and neighbors don’t understand my illness.  Yet, the state Department of Environmental Protection understands current regulatory noise guidelines are suspect, in their application to wind turbines.  And further, the state Department of Public Health understands that my illness costs too much money to investigate.


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