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Falmouth Officials Affirm Position on Removing Turbines

April 5, 2013

Scott Giordano, reporting in the Falmouth Bulletin, “Massachusetts Wind Storm” explains the intricacies addressed by the joint Selectmen, Finance Committee meeting.

Falmouth Board of Selectmen and the Falmouth Finance Committee held a joint April 4 meeting and unanimously stood by the selectmen’s prior vote to remove the town’s wind turbines, despite receiving none of their requested financial assistance from the state to do so. The latest estimate is that it will cost the town about $14 million to remove both Wind 1 and Wind 2 at the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The town is addressing a source of harm to some that is impacting the whole community. The sub-headline of the April 4, 2013 piece notes Falmouth “shows glimmers of courage/defiance.”

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  1. April 5, 2013 6:16 pm

    Taking new shape in Falmouth – The wind industry argument of decibels and differences has seemingly broadened into a governmental clash of local autonomy and state dictatorial powers. A disguised and diabolical form of WESRA – why legislate (to promote wind energy policy) when ‘home rule’ rights can be twisted away from communities with the “fine print” and the”between the line” concealings of a contract. Ladies and Gentlemen of Falmouth… Behold. The next phase of Duval’s wind dynasty disclaimer (‘gag order’).

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