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WBUR Reports on Anticipated Turbine Vote in Falmouth

April 3, 2013

Neil Andersen and John Ford know more than they want to about the impacts of wind turbines. Their disappointment and anxiety comes through the WBUR radio story “Falmouth To Vote On Removing Wind Turbines” reported by  and  (4/2/13).

According to Andersen:

“If I had the choice tomorrow I would move away and just hopefully never hear the word ‘turbine’ again in my life,” he said. But Andersen said no one would want to buy his house because of all the trouble he’s had living there since the turbines were installed.

For Ford, the choice is simple: “I don’t want to move. I like where I am. … I think the turbines should have to move.”

A special town meeting on 9th may decide the future of the two town-owned turbines. The Webb turbine powering a commercial property is not affected by this decision.


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  1. June 13, 2013 7:33 pm

    Ah yes the WEBB turbine… titled appropriately the notus… as in NOT US! do rules apply… NOT US… do we regret forcing the Hobarts our of their home…NOT US… will be act responsibly to compensate the neighbors whose lives we have ruined…NOT US.
    Will we own the truths of our big profiteering LLC dancing machine…NOT US!!!!!

    Well what we will do is intimidate every town board and anyone that gets in the way of our half million a year in earnings….

    And from the other side of the street… Can we live in our former dream home anymore…Not us..say the Hobarts…it vibrates us into oblibiovion and gives us migraines til we cannot even see straight…Can we sell it? Not us…. Can we lie about what it does to us …Not Us … Can we afford to go see our son, out to dinner once in a while or to retire when we turn 65? NOT US… WE HAD TO SAVE OURSELVES AND MOVE OUT, BUY ANOTHER PLACE TO SLEEP AND CASH IN OUR AMERICAN DREAM SAVING So we could have the luxury of sleeping again..You see it is trute that without your health you have nothing… and that was going way too fast.

    Another question? Who gets to do this to us and get away with it… DAN WEBB and his numerous LLC tax shelter corporations or whoever else in the hell owns it now… He can get lawyers to postpone and dance until we rot or die off…

    Will we go quietly? NOT US the Hobarts….closest residence to Webb/teledyne/NOTUS/Float Realty or whoever owns it todays FREAKING hideous wind monster…former 33 year residents of Falmouth … but never again.

    Will we ever recover from this… will try but probably not… this really hurts!

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