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State Bears Responsibility for Windburn in Falmouth

April 7, 2013

Former State Representative Eric Turkington accurately analyzed the the dilemma facing Falmouth in his 2011 opinion piece in the Cape Cod Times. In “State bears onus in wind fiasco” (11/18/2011) Turkington says once the health impacts became publicly known, “the responsibility to fix the situation became the state’s, not the town’s.”

These are not costs that the town of Falmouth should bear. Along with the afflicted neighbors, the town, too, is an injured party here.

The town is the innocent purchaser of two industrial-size wind turbines that had been rejected by another Cape town. When Wind 1 was erected within a quarter-mile of a local neighborhood, it quickly became clear that neighboring residents’ health and well-being were being adversely affected.

The town was sold a bill of goods; industrial-size wind turbines cannot be safely located that close to residential areas. The state consultant’s representation that such a location would be appropriate, and would have no impact on the neighbors, was clearly wrong.

Blogger Mark Cool’s Firetower Wind site continually updates readers on the status of the discussion in Falmouth and from time to time recaps the sequence of events. He illustrates from his own experience and that of his neighbors on Blacksmith Shop Road. In a recent post he says:

Governor Patrick’s wind energy agenda has led Commonwealth communities into expensive capital expenditures. Now, agencies, under his watch, fortify his agenda and turn their backs on the community. Falmouth is left windburned and forced to fix itself.

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