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Wind Value Does Not Meet Expectations–Investigative Report

October 6, 2012

Reporting for Fox’s Channel 25 in Boston, Mike Beaudet tells viewers the turbines have been throwing “Money to the Wind” through delays in start-up and mechanical failures. They have been propped up by ratepayer surcharges. Not such a good investment, according to Brian Allen, General Manager of Princeton Municipal Light:

I would take whatever projections you have–and this is me, personally–and just cut them in half.

Ratepayers in Princeton are paying “one of the highest rates in the state” because of the two turbines, one of which had a catastrophic gearbox failure. The turbines are producing less electricity than anticipated, the price the market will pay has dropped, and the $7 million loan taken out to build the project is still in force. PML paid an additional $600,000o replace the gearbox.

Other problem turbines discussed are Forbes Park (a private development in Chelsea that has stalled), the MWRA turbine in Charlestown which needed a foundation rebuild, and the two turbines at the Department of Corrections’ prison in Gardner which have been off-line until grid improvements are completed.

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