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Florida Concerns Over Hoosac Wind

October 14, 2012

Michael Fairneny and several of his neighbors brought noise concerns to a recent meeting of the selectmen in Florida, MA. In his North Adams Transcript article, “New wind turbines pose noise concerns in Florida,” Phil Demers reported Fairneny’s issue:

“All we’re asking is that an independent sound study be done,” Fairneny said.

While Iberdrola representative Neil Habig said the noise created by a wind development has to be evaluated after it becomes operational,

At the meeting’s close, Habig encouraged residents who, once the project is active, still have complaints to register them with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). DEP would then be obliged to investigate and could require Iberdrola to fund a detailed study.

For a recording of the Florida meeting, go to the Hoosac Wind–Friends of Florida and Monroe website.

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