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Comment to Wisconsin PSC on Highland Wind Proposal

September 29, 2012

Savoy, MA looks a lot like Forest, WI . Wind Wise’s facebook page notes (9/23/12) that Savoy has 100 more residents than Forest, and is 6 square miles smaller. Imagine Savoy with 41 turbines, each standing 497 feet tall.

Barry Funfar, a resident of Falmouth, MA who knows the problems with wind turbines all too well, submitted this comment to the Docket (2535-CE -100) for the Highland Wind project. The public comment period is open until October 8. More information on the Forest project is found at “Help Forest Fight this Fire.”

Sept 24, 2012, to any potential abutter:

Since April of 2010 I have been subjected to the effects of two industrial turbines located 1558 and 1662 feet from the back of my home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

This has been a life changing devastating experience with my wife and I for the past year avoiding our home as much as we can. We have essentially been forced from our home of over 30 years.

Previously into gardening I have not set foot in my yard/woodland garden since the effects of the turbines on our health became evident within one-two months of the first turbine going into operation in April of 2010. Our health, quality of life, and rights to use our own property have been extremely compromised.

Our retirement has been ruined by the placement of these wind turbines too close to our home. It has been a continuous battle for us and our neighbors against our town and state officials who have found it reasonable to continue torturing us while their foot-dragging “investigations” of the problem go on and on and on.

If you wish to read some first-hand accounts google “the Falmouth Experience” or “Barry Funfar/wind turbine syndrome”. As time goes on and exposure to the turbines lengthens, the stress, anxiety, mood disorder, panic attacks and a host of other maladies worsens.

Looking into the “Falmouth Experience” should tell any potential abutter with-in one mile or more from the wind turbine(s) all the gruesome details they need to make an informed decision. Living too near even one industrial wind turbine is a life-sucking event.

(Used with permission).

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  1. John Buckner permalink
    February 14, 2013 2:36 pm

    I have been informed that the Wisconsin PSC has denied the Highland Wind Farm

    Thnaks to all who have commented and supported the town of Forest in this matter!

    John Buckner

    Formally of the area, now in NY

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