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Fact Sheets

Want to know more about health concerns? Worried about noise pollution? Curious about how many jobs wind investment is creating? Use these evidence-based fact sheets from Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts to understand effects of industrial wind turbines.

Adverse Health Effects from Industrial Wind Turbines

There are significant impacts ranging from sleep disturbance to heart disease that result from living with turbines. Some of this is caused by audible noise and some by low frequency noise or infrasound. There are safety concerns from flicker to ice throw to fire. This 2-page handout describes effects and documents sources.

 Myths and Facts regarding Wind Turbine Noise

Advocates say wind turbines are no louder than traffic noise or a refrigerator, but turbine noise has distinct qualities unlike common noises. This 2-page handout describes turbine noise and documents sources.

Living Near Wind Turbines in MA: Personal Accounts

From the Berkshires to Cape Cod, people living near turbines find them dangerous neighbors. This 4-page handout describes individuals’ stories.

 U.S. Jobs and Financial Benefits Limited from Wind Investments

Investigation shows the job creation and financial benefit of industrial wind is almost non-existent. There is a large gap between the hype and the reality. This 2-page handout explains the difference and gives the sources.

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