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David Dardi Testifies: Noise, Vibration Invade Sleep

Thank you Mr. Chairman and the members of the Commission

My name is David Dardi. I live in Scituate, Massachusetts. I am 66 years old; I am a Justice of the Peace and a retired Civil Engineer and a community leader. But more importantly my home is located 3200 feet from a 1.5 MW Industrial Size Wind Turbine. I am here to testify in support for House Bill # 2048 introduced by Representative Peake.

Because of the close proximity to the wind turbine I suffer from sleep deprivation, headaches and ringing of the ears. The noise of the wind turbine is so invasive that it even wakes me when the windows to my bedroom are closed. Many nights I have to take doctor prescribed sleeping pills, Ambien, to go to sleep or to return to sleep when I am awoken by the turbine. When the windows are closed and my head is against the bedpost I can feel a vibration, which is in rhythm to turning of the blades. Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh, all night long.  The sleep deprivation from which I suffer affects my relationship with my fiancée and many other people around me.  I find myself constantly apologizing for my shortness of temper and terrible disposition. Because I am handicapped, with a partial leg amputation, I find that the fatigue causes me to be accident prone; I am constantly tripping.  At my last visit to my dentist I was told that I have begun to grind my teeth and tops of them have been damaged. My quality of life has gone downhill since the turbine went into operation a year and a half ago. I thought that retirement would be better than this. A few weeks ago the turbine was struck with lightning and has been inoperative. I remarked to my fiancée, as we sat on the back deck that I could actually hear all the birds chirping with a clarity that was not there when the turbine was turning.  Other people in my neighborhood have sold their homes rather than staying and dealing with this problem.

There are 25 other homes all surrounding the wind turbine at different distances with people who suffer the same health issues much like me. Some families are as close as 640 feet. Some of these homes have children who can’t sleep and go to school tired every day; they are under care from their pediatrician. I used my training as a Registered Land Surveyor to prepare a drawing which shows the location of my home and the other homes with health issues in relationship to the wind turbine. It also notes those homes that experience shadow flicker as well as the health effects from the noise and vibration. I have submitted that drawing to you together with a list of all the nights I have been disturbed noting the wind speed and direction. All of these complaints have been filed with the Scituate Board of Health.

I am in support of Green Energy but I find it hard to believe the inadequate siting criteria or should I say, more appropriately, the non existence of siting criteria given to the placement of wind turbines. Many wind turbines have been placed too close to residential areas and something has got to be done to correct this situation. I support the passage of Bill H 2048. But you understand that this is only a beginning to a process that must be continued until adequate legislation is enacted that protects the health and homes of people located near industrial size wind turbines.

I thank you very much for your attention.

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