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Nuisance Turbines in Plymouth

February 14, 2020


Plymouth residents who crowded into the Board of Health meeting on February 12 got an early valentine–the sweet satisfaction of being heard. According to the Cape Cod Times, “Residents have pleaded with several town boards in Bourne and Plymouth and with state officials for years for action to be taken on the turbines.”

“It is amazing to me that these turbines were built in a residential area,” board Vice Chairman Barry Potvin said. “This is clearly something the Board of Health has to take up, because we are sworn to protect the health and safety of the people who live in this area.”
Much of what happened with the turbines came before many of the current members were serving on the board, member Jerry Levine said.
“I feel your pain,” Levine said. “My intention is to look into it.”

Residents of Plymouth and neighboring Bourne have logged over 350 complaints of noise and sleep disturbance beginning soon after the turbines went online in 2016. The four turbines are 500 feet tall and as close as 1,450 feet to one residence.
“’We want to do justice to this and to all the parties involved,’ board Chairwoman Birgitta Kuehn said,” according to CCT reporter Beth Treffeisen (Plymouth board declares turbines a nuisance, 2/13/20).

Plymouth Community Access Television recorded the meeting. The wind turbine testimony begins at the one hour and 7 minutes point and continues for almost an hour.

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