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When the “New Neighbor” is a Wind Power Plant

December 19, 2019

One man says, “I just want my way of life back.” Others mention the lost value on their properties since the “very heavy duty industrial power plant that has been dropped into our neighborhood” began to operate.

A Buttermilk Bay view of the 2 MW turbines in Plymouth’s Future Generation Wind project–here they tower over Bourne’s Hideaway Village.

View of Future Generation Wind Turbines

Three of the four turbines of Future Generation Wind in Plymouth tower over Bourne residents, too.


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  1. peaceandquietplease permalink
    December 19, 2019 8:46 am

    Another group of neighbors which the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has abandoned in spite of multiple requests for Enforcement Action to end the noise Nuisance conditions created by these 4 massive 2 MW Gamesa G-97 wind turbines – sited with a minimum setback of just under 1,400′ to the closest neighbors.

    The MassDEP’s own guidance documents state that they will become directly involved if there is a noise nuisance crossing into another jurisdiction – YET for almost three years now have ignored requests to take the lead to protect Bourne neighbors.

    More evidence that the MassDEP has allowed regulatory capture of their agency – the wind industry has successfully gained a partner in crime!

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