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Acoustic Trespass in Falmouth Exposed at Hearing

August 4, 2015

Falmouth-Fig6-NCE RptLetting the study of infrasound done at his Blacksmith Shop Road home speak for him, Neil Andersen offered his evidence to the Joint Committee on Public Health.

Andersen showed committee members this chart representing the indoor infrasonic sound recorded at his house. The readings were taken as part of a study performed by Noise Control EngineeringFalmouth-Fig1-NCERpt2-27-15.

NCE can unequivocally state that the infrasonic signature captured inside the Andersen residence with the wind turbines operational is 100% attributable to one or both of the Town’s Wind Turbines. To put the conclusions more commonly, this study finds that the wind turbine(s) produce acoustic emissions which are “acoustically trespassing” into the Andersen home.

“This is what is aimed at me,” he said. “We need an independent study to show it is not just us.”


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  1. barry funfar permalink
    August 4, 2015 9:56 am

    Hello,Question: What is the cutoff date for submissions (E-mail) to the Health Committee on bill H2032?Thanks.Barry Funfar


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