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Testimony Favors Commission to Study Turbine Health Impacts

August 3, 2015

Jim Aylward, of Belmont and Nantucket, supported the bill (H2032) to form a commission, saying

I would recommend that the eventual members of this Commission, which I support, should go experience for ten minutes what some people endure for ten or twenty hours every day.  I have, and I was surprised at how loud turbines can be, even from a great distance.

Turbines are more than a nuisance. They are impacting people’s health every day in all corners of this Commonwealth. Children. Infants. Grandparents. Parents. Students. Teachers. Employees. Employers. All are impacted by the noise and vibration of turbines that are poorly located.

For more of his testimony, read here.

Scituate resident David Dardi said he hoped the new Baker administration will stop the pouring of funds into wind subsidies and that the legislature will pass the bill to create a commission.

I am in favor of House Bill 2032. I am in favor of any bill that will change things so I can get a good night’s sleep.  The last three nights the wind has been from the SW and I have been kept up all night long by Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh.”

There has been a political agenda set up by the Democratic party that favor the lucrative wind industry. An industry that makes billions of dollars on the backs of the taxpayer. Now that we have a new administration I hope that has changed.

Remember that this bill is only asking you to study the health effects nothing else. We are asking for nothing more that to be intelligently evaluated by health care professionals. There are hundreds of people , there are thousands of people throughout the Commonwealth, the Nation and the World that have experienced this new kind of illness caused by wind turbines located too close to residential areas. This bill ONLY asks that there be a fair examination of the effects. Hopefully, after this is done, some worthwhile legislation will come that will remedy the situation.

Dardi is a professional engineer, professional land surveyor and was an officer of the court, a Justice of the Peace, for 30 years.

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