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Hearing Testimony

January 16, 2014
Karen-Isherwood DPU 1-9-14 on Vimeo. Chelsea-Isherwood-at-DPU-1-9-14 Louise-Barteau-at-DPU-1-9-14
Karen Isherwood testifies before the MassDPU. Chelsea Isherwood testifies at the hearing on January 9, 2014. Louise Barteau testifies at the hearing held at Bunker Hill Community College.

Karen and Chelsea Isherwood recently testified at a MA DPU hearing. They wrote the letter below to inspire others in our communities to testify, too.

For two years they have been denied a chance to speak in their town of Fairhaven, where the Board of Health has refused to hold a public hearing despite 624 formal health complaints from 60 families regarding the turbines.Most recently town officials, the wind developers, and representatives of the MA DEP and CEC, met to create a formal mitigation plan without ever hearing from the Isherwoods and the other families who are severely impacted. This “mitgation plan” only shuts the turbines off between the hours of 12 and 4 am under limited wind conditions, and clearly fails to meet the sleep needs of anyone, much less the requirements for infants and children.

Here is their letter.

Hello everyone,

This is Karen and Chelsea Isherwood and we would like to share with you our recent experience at the hearing in Boston at Bunker Hill Community College. On Thursday we went up to Boston with Louis to a hearing with the Massachusetts DPU, whom we learned later was a very important board to have the chance to stand in front of. We were unsure as what to expect and had heard only a few stories about how other hearings went. From what we had heard they could be brutal when members of Friends of Fairhaven are there, or green supporters who truly do not understand the complications of turbines.

When we arrived there were only a few people there, and the hearing board. It was actually a very powerful evening listening to everyone get up and explain what they have learned and experienced about the turbines. There were members of other Health Boards, scientists and neighbors. Louis, my mother and I were the last to speak. I think this worked out perfectly for us to end the night. Louis spoke of what she learned in all her research on the turbines and not only why the siting of the turbines does not work but how they are not green at all. She ended her talk with stories of our neighbor’s experiences with the turbines. My mother went next and then me in front of the board to offer our personal stories of what it has been like living next to the two turbines for a year and a half.

What was truly amazing was finally having the opportunity to speak and be heard. I mean whether we were truly heard will remain to be seen. However, we did discuss how nice it was to have people listen and to not feel crazy. I can say for myself that I felt the hearing board was listening. They looked at you while you spoke and they seemed to be moved and overcome with emotion.

It truly was a great experience and we learned that it is important for more of us to go to these hearings and share our stories. This is our chance to be heard, the chance where this important board is allowing us to speak and not be judged. A window has been opened for us that may lead to a door. Every little step counts, no matter what the outcome. This is our chance to make a big move!!!!

Best Regards, Karen and Chelsea Isherwood

The public hearing  schedule and more information is found here at

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  1. January 18, 2014 10:13 am

    it is obscenely sadistic for ANY member or advisor to the MA DEP or CEC or ANY wind developer to argue and suggest refinements in noise testing methods and procedures in the face of true and heartfelt testimony of wind turbine neighbor victims. Testimony is evidence.This is reminiscent for me of the Nazi doctors injecting formaldehyde into the bloodstreams of concentration camp inmates to see how quickly they might die. These neighbors are not your guinea pigs!

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