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More Research on Wind Turbine Health Effects

January 12, 2014
CJRM-logoCanadian health professionals Roy D. Jeffery, MD, Carmen M.E. Krogh, BScPharm, and Brett Horner, BA, have published a literature review updating the the state of knowledge about health impacts of wind turbines. The January 2014 article Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects” is published in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (CJRM).

 The three have previously published in Canadian Family Physician. Their commentary, advising Canadian physicians about symptoms their patients might present, was published in May 2013 (Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines“). A subsequent letter to the Editor (Sep 2013), clarified points from their May article that were raised in follow-up letters from readers.

Dr Jeffery, Ms Krogh, and Mr Horner are on the Board of Directors for the Society for Wind Vigilance, an international federation of physicians, acousticians, engineers, and other professionals who share scientific research on the topic of health and wind turbines.
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