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Ambrose Reminds WNTAG Panel of its Mission

December 22, 2013

“WNTAG’s mission is to advise; protect public health, safety and well-being.” Not drag its heels waiting for more noise level measurements.

That is the message acoustician Steve Ambrose delivered to fellow members of the Wind Turbine Noise Technical Advisory Group (WNTAG), convened by the Mass. DEP.

WNTAG has yet to discuss wind turbine projects with site-specific complaints and noise level measurements.

[Because of a judge’s ruling] … recommendations may be viewed as “too little” and “too late.”

He concludes, “WNTAG must respect the public pleas for relief and now a judge’s decision.”

Watch the video of the first WNTAG meeting when Ambrose said “we have to end up putting at the top of our list human complaints–that’s why we’re all here. If we end up putting our instruments there, we’re not going to end up solving the human complaint problem.”

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