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Noise Testing Protocol Offered at WNTAG

December 19, 2013

Engineer Chris Kapsambelis introduced his proposed method (WT_Protocol) for testing wind turbine noise, based on the MassDEP limit for broadband sound increase to 10 dB(A) above ambient.

This methodology is designed to use a small number of samples that can be used in a protocol to derive ambient (L90) and Impact (Lmax ) sound pressure levels. To capture the full effect of Amplitude Modulation, the FAST meter setting shall be used along with a sampling rate of at least 8 samples per second. The objective is to derive these parameters with assurance that they apply to large segments of time in all seasons, under weather conditions deemed to be worst case for compliance.

He included a rationale for this protocol as it applies to wind shear–a common weather phenomenon when wind is high at the turbine’s hub, some 260 feet high and generating maximum noise, while calm at ground level, resulting in very low ambient sound levels.

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  1. December 19, 2013 9:12 pm

    Way to go Chris!

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