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Media Finally Digging Deeper

February 28, 2013

ABC6-turbine-photoABC6 investigative reporter Mark Curtis exposes “tainted” testing–which the DEP now says must be done over. A few hours earlier,  on WBSM radio‘s Phil Paleologos show, Louise Barteau explained the process of noise testing in Fairhaven and the questions that have since been raised about its accuracy.

The testing was conducted by the DEP’s Laurel Carlson and Barteau observed. Only later did she uncover the power dashbooard that revealed a reduction in power output during the testing period. If the turbine is not producing power, the turning blades will not emit the same level of noise as it would during normal operations.

A letter from Fairhaven Wind’s Gordon Deane to Commissioner Ken Kimmell maintains that the turbine was not producing power because of human error.

The dashboard Barteau references in the video is found at the site


Turbine powered down


still uses AC from the grid to power control systems


End of testing period–power usage goes down


End of testing period–power is produced again

Meanwhile the health concerns and noise complaints continue. Reporter Curtis captures quotes on camera:

Homeowner Peter Goben spoke of the wind turbines saying, “They are bothering me. I just keep waking up, waking up, waking up.”

Neighbor Chelsea Isherwood said, “If you could at least shut them down at night, so people could get some sleep around here that would be a blessing to me.”

Last week, Peggy Aulisio reporting for the Advocate (2/21/13) quoted resident Linda Kellish:

For one thing, she says, the town’s wind turbines have made it impossible to sleep.

Based on her experience, Ms. Kellish said communities should be very careful about where wind turbines are placed.

“I don’t think anyone realized it was going to be right here,” she said of the turbines that loom over her backyard. “You’ve got people all over saying they’re good,” of the turbines. “Well come over to my house and try to sleep.”

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  1. March 1, 2013 9:00 am

    Sadly local and state officials believe they need to sacrifice a few people for the financial benefits of a few people and they use a plausible idea to accomplish this. Sadly wind energy produces at a capacity factor of 10-30% many times not at usable times. Wind Energy also harms the grid with highly variable output requiring more maintenance of base load power plants. We need to do better than industrializing large swaths of land with this low capacity factor power. Efficiency and Conservation are much more cost effective for all and works 100% of the time…no people or animals harmed and no loss of land…hence why the power brokers don’t really like it….no graft to be had!

    • Chris Kapsambelis permalink
      March 2, 2013 5:13 pm

      The primary force behind this almost religious fervor to cover the landscape with noise polluting wind turbines comes from environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Wilderness Foundation, Greenpeace and more.

      Members of these groups have to understand that wind power is an impotent technology that fails to deliver on its promise while bringing misery to those unfortunates forced to live within a mile and quarter from one. In addition they are destroying mountains in Vermont and elsewhere while more than doubling the cost of electricity.

      It’s time to tell leaders of environmental groups, political leaders, and policy makers to STOP!

  2. Kathryn Sternstein permalink
    February 28, 2013 8:29 am

    This is the kind of manipulation of the facts which is standard procedure with the wind industry all over the world. This industry routinely misrepresents the benefits of wind energy and suppresses the enormous negative aspects of the turbines.. Then the wind industry collects the large profits from tax credits and all of us end up paying for it. There is NO evidence that wind turbines reduce carbon in the air yet wind proponents and well intentioned people who believe what they say keep on referring to the turbines as clean and green which they are not.


  1. Do Wind Turbine Operators “Influence” Noise Testing | Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

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