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Eagle Nest Removal in Ontario Stirs Vandalism

January 21, 2013

The Canadian press is reporting that a fire and graffiti vandalism to  wind turbine components in the Summerhaven Wind project was prompted by the removal of a bald eagle nest in early January.

The incident happened sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning at a location on Walpole Concession Road 7. Someone painted graffiti on parts of the giant turbine while setting other parts on fire.

The turbine components belong to NextEra Energy Canada, sponsor of the Summerhaven wind turbine project.

The damage was valued at $60,000. Too bad it isn’t as easy to value the loss of bird habitat. The eagle’s nest is reported to be one of only 58 known to exist in Ontario. Click the photo to watch a 6-minute YouTube video of the destruction.
Visit Ontario Wind Resistance, which is following developments in this story.

Teri Pecoskie, reporting for the wrote

Neil Switzer, chair of the West Lincoln and Glanbrook Wind Action Group, said about two dozen protesters came from as far away as Stayner, Ont., near the coast of Lake Huron, to try to stop the nest’s destruction.

A subsequent protest by Indian People in Haldimand County, ON occurred on January 17th, disrupting work.

A surprise native protest in southwest Haldimand Thursday disrupted work at two wind turbine projects near the Nanticoke Industrial Park.

Photo credit: @TwoRowSociety

Photo credit: @TwoRowSociety

As many as 30 natives in a convoy – some wearing traditional garb and waving native flags – interrupted work at several turbine and substation construction sites. At least one work crew gathered up its equipment and left for the day after they arrived.

In “Natives protesting at wind turbine sites” for the Simcoe Reformer, Monte Sonnenberg continues:

Some predicted that aboriginals from Six Nations would react badly to the nest’s destruction, which occurred Jan. 5. A young pair built the nest in November in an area slated for three turbines. Aboriginals in southern Ontario consider eagles sacred.

Aboriginals weren’t the only ones upset by the incident. Nancy Nicklan, owner of Floyd’s Bar & Grill in Nanticoke and a witness to two of the protests Thursday, says everyone in south Haldimand is “furious” about it.

“That was it,” Nicklan said. “Everyone has been losing their minds since.”

For more on the native protest, visit The Big Green Lie website where many more photos are posted. There is also a log of tweets describing the progress from one site to another through the day.

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