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“Our peace has been stolen”–Testimony to Kingston Board of Health

November 8, 2012

The Boston Globe has published Christine Legere’s report of Monday night’s Board of Health meeting, where Leland Road resident Doreen Reilly read her letter into the record. She was reporting on her experience and that of her neighbors when she said their lives “’have been turned upside down” since the Independence’s start-up in May.'”

“This has caused more anxiety than I have ever experienced,” Reilly said. “Our peace has been stolen from us. . . . We want our lives back.”

In contrast to the letter presented by wind developer Kially Ruiz, which discounted health complaints about the turbine, Board of Health member Daniel Sapir could offer his personal experience:

“I went to the Reillys’ home at midnight, and I heard the whoosh,” he said. “You may say it’s not physically possible, but it’s happening. It’s real.”

Sapir said he experienced the flicker effect while watching a Patriots’ game at a friend’s house. “It was so annoying I couldn’t enjoy the game,” he said. “The poor dog was cowering in the bathroom.”

The Board of Health is on the spot with residents like physician Piotr Lazowski, a resident  who has complained about noise and flicker by lodging a formal complaint, asking: “’My question isn’t to Mr. Ruiz; my question is to our Board of Health,” Lazowski said. “What are you going to do?’” According to Sapir, the BOH is contemplating a variety of options.

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  1. Chris Kapsambelis permalink
    November 10, 2012 8:08 am

    A common justification for the added noise generated by the wind turbines is that the neighborhood is already burdened with existing noise sources such as the nearby Waste Water Treatment plant. This is not an argument favoring an increase in noise pollution. This is an argument for reducing noise pollution.

    Only in the twisted logic of greedy developers is additional noise pollution of an already burdened neighborhood justifiable.

    If this logic were applied to the polluted Charles River, where I grew up, the river would not only still be polluted, but it would continue to get worse.

    Increasing the level of pollution to an already polluted environment is insane!

    • Kathy Sherman permalink
      November 14, 2012 3:43 am

      Same for me with the Farmington River in CT from utility in Springfield MA. But more to the point, nearest alll those noise sources on Copper Beach Rd.the L90 was about 30 dB so facility, shopping mall, traffic even in July and, of course the mining, must make the residential area noisy. Even Bowdler says 10 dB above pre-construction will lead to vigorous complaint, and he says turbine immissions will be 40-45 dB at a half mile. I have never seen a thermometer indicating that a frig is 50 dB. And I have never seen the “long-term” site tested only 13 hr!! Others at least allow for error in the model (3 dB minimum), and what ground absorption is relevant to a home 600 – 1000 ft away? That gets left out now too. for Maine projects. No international standards support this. That’s even before considering temperature inversion and wind shear, resulting in deflection of sound back onto the home instead of into the atmosphere. The BOH should feel that they are on very confident ground

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