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Noise and Health publishes peer-reviewed study

November 5, 2012

Why is the U.S. press ignoring the important findings of the peer-reviewed journal article linking industrial wind turbines to serious health impacts on people who live near them?

Wind Wise Radio interviewed Canadian Jeff Aramini, PhD, about the just-published article which describes validated impacts on health from industrial wind turbines. Aramini is the co-author with Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist practicing in Maine, and Dr. C. D. Hanning,  a U.K. specialist in sleep medicine.

The report has been noted in the British press, where Andrew Gilligan reported in the Telegraph, “Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists,”

Wind farm noise causes “clear and significant” damage to people’s sleep and mental health, according to the first full peer-reviewed scientific study of the problem.

Earlier the Toronto Sun described the findings of the three researchers in “New study links wind turbines to ill health” (by Jonathan Sher of the London Free Press):

The study… found that a random sample of residents living within 1.4 km of wind turbines in two Maine communities suffered more from impaired mental health and sleep deprivation than those who lived at least 3.3 km away.

That was their finding, even though most of the closer residents had welcomed the turbines because they came with a financial benefit.

The report appears in the journal Noise and Health (2012, Volume 14,  Issue 60,  pp. 237-243): “Effects of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise on Sleep and Health” by

  • Michael A. Nissenbaum, MD of the Northern Maine Medical Center, Fort Kent, Maine, USA
  • Jeffery J Aramini, PhD, MSc, DVM, Intelligent Health Solutions, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Christopher D Hanning, BSc, MB, BS, MD, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester, United Kingdom

The study’s authors bring years of experience in their respective fields, lending extra weight to the significant findings of this research.

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