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Shelburne plan heard by Conservation 11/8 & Planning Board 11/9

November 8, 2011

Extra meetings to evaluate Mt Massaemet wind proposal this week

The Shelburne Conservation Commission meets Tuesday, Nov 8  at  7:30 pm at Town Hall. At their last meeting they discussed their right under Massachusetts general laws to request, select, and oversee independent outside experts to assist them (paid for at the expense of the applicant). While they are focused on wetlands, their stated purpose is to protect and preserve the natural resources of the town and to enfoce the protection of wetlands.”
How the wind farm will look from the Buckland side of Shelburne Falls, according to the developer's permit application

Turbines to loom over historic Shelburne Falls

The Shelburne Planning Board has scheduled an extra  meeting for Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at  7:00 pm at Memorial Hall specifically to review materials about the Mt Massaemet Industrial Wind Turbines. The board will address the  proposal and application for a special permit.

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  1. Joanne Levesque permalink
    November 8, 2011 12:48 pm

    just a thought…has the Shelburne fire department been solicited for an impact statement on either public safety or fire safety issues? here in my town, the final “feasibility” study has been completed, our alternative energy committee is gearing up to request more state “grant” money (our money) to go into the design phase YET when contacting certain town officials to see if their departments had been involved or requested for an impact statement financial or otherwise the response is NO WE HAVE NOT BEEN ASKED TO BE INVOLVED IN VETTING THIS PROJECT! Yet, when I as a lone resident, reached out to the fire chief about public safety (site abuts our town golf course and town hiking trails) and fire safety (all 3 proposed sites are in or abut our town owned “peaceful” and “serene” town forest as well as the North Hill Marsh Sanctuary, an Audubon property)…the response I received was no, no one has asked for their department to study the impact….and he admitted special training would be needed and most likely special fire fighting equipment as well..
    just one example of the unknown and undiscovered “cost” of these projects…as a note, our board of health has not been asked for an independent review either…yet the committee proposing this turbine project in my town wants more money from the state (all of us) to start designing!

    Best wishes to those that have very valid reasons…financially, health wise, environmental and visual/real estate value concerns…we are not Texas with miles and miles of open and uninhabited space to sully…and for what in return?

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