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Falmouth Article 9 Could Stop Turbine Hazard

November 7, 2011

Tonight’s Falmouth Town Meeting asks in Article 9 “if the town will vote to suspend operations of Wind I and Wind II until pending research and studies prove no harm is being done to nearby residents.”

Fallmouth residents ask town to Stope the TurbinesThe article brings to citizens the chance to turn off the turbines until studies are presented to the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Health. The petition of Barry Funfar and others asks for stoppage “until all future options of both turbines are  explored and Town Meeting members are given the opportunity to make a decision regarding the two turbines with a prepared presentation after the research has been completed.”

Annual November Falmouth Town Meeting 11-7-2011 at 7 PM Memorial Auditorium Lawrence School.
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  1. Henk Bulder permalink
    December 26, 2011 1:10 pm

    Hi, I have seen the video “Pandora’s Pinwheels”. We would like to use parts of this video to undertitle and present on our website and present for an audiance of inhabitants of an area in the Netherlands where between 70 and 100 windturbines of between 3 and 8 MW each are planned at distances of 400 to 1500 meters from their homes. Could you please give us permission to do so. Best regards, Henk Bulder (board member)

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