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Response to “Community Wind Outreach Initiative”

Statements by Eleanor Tillinghast, executive board, Wind Wise-Massachusetts, regarding the announcement on 6/27/13 of increased state support for land-based wind turbine siting.

“The Patrick Administration’s community wind energy initiative is just another attempt by the governor to force the development of hundreds of land-based wind turbines in Massachusetts, despite strong local opposition.”

“The legislature has refused for five years now to go along with his plan to strip communities of the right to control the location and operation of wind turbines, so now he’s doing an end run by directing his handpicked agencies to come up with a new strategy.”

“This is just another underhanded power grab by the governor who persists in playing politics with the health and well-being of families who live near the wind turbines in order to promote his goal of building additional turbines.”

“The Energy Facilities Siting Board tasked with writing statewide wind turbine standards cannot be expected to be independent as all its members are appointed by the governor.”

“The Administration has already shown in towns with wind turbines that it is unwilling to enforce its own noise compliance rules, despite documented evidence that noise levels exceed state guidelines.”


Wind Wise Massachusetts is a volunteer statewide alliance of grass roots organizations and individuals who are concerned about the negative health, environmental, and economic impacts of poorly-sited wind turbines.

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