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Peru’s Garnet Wind Project

The bylaw proposals headed for town meeting on July 8, 2013 would allow wind turbine noise above 40 decibels at 1000 feet.

The warrant articles propose new language for the zoning bylaws on the Wind Energy Conversion System.

Proposed 10.5 (a):

Operational noise, as measured by the latest standards of the American National Standards Institute, shall not exceed 45 dB(A) for more than 15 minutes or 5 dB(A) above ambient sound, whichever is greater, in any one day measured at any Inhabited Structure, except  for temporary construction work, maintenance or mechanical failure.

Current 10.5 (a):

Operational noise, as measured by the latest standards of the American Standards National Institute [sic], shall not exceed 60 decibels for more than 15 minutes in any one day when measured from an unobstructed distance from the inhabited structure, except for temporary construction or maintenance work, and shall not likewise exceed 40 decibels from 1000 feet.

A proposed new section also waives peoples’ right to quiet at their properties. No one should have to live with unreasonable noise.

Proposed:–new section 10.4 (d)

The Peru Zoning Board of Appeals shall waive the requirements in Section 10.5(a) herein when the owner of any Inhabited Structure so grants his or her permission. Said permission shall be in writing and recorded in the Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds.

The Peru wind project known as “Garnet Wind” is a commercial project of Boreal Renewables based in Arlington MA and juwi, an international renewable energy company whose world headquarters is in Wörrstadt, Germany and its U.S. headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado.

Houses within 3/4 mile of Garnet Wind Farm (Peru, MA)

Houses within 3/4 mile of Garnet Wind Farm (Peru, MA)


The map (left) and chart (right) are based on data from the Federal Aviation Administration’s record of the proposed turbine locations.Residents who may be subject to noise and flicker impacts live at addresses on Causeway Road, Cornell Lane, Curtin Road, Dyke Road, Garnet Mountain Lane, Kreutzer Road, Middleboro Road/Skyline Trail, South Road and South Road Extension.


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  1. Barbara Kenney permalink
    October 5, 2013 9:18 am

    This is the absolute worst thing that could happen in Peru…worst thing ever. This will totally destroy the beauty of the Garnet Hill area and the value of every home within view of the turbines. I find it interesting that the only people (very short sighted people) in town that are for this, live nowhere near Garnet Hill. This is so incredibly sad and I can only hope people will come to their senses…wake up and think of our future, our homes, our peace and tranquility.


  1. Peru’s Voters Weigh Noise Control | Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

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