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Bourne Hearing 2-16-2012 on DEP/DPH Report

John Cowl, MD, likens wind turbine health issues to a new pandemic.

Industrial Wind Turbines are popping up all over the country alarmingly fast. If they are causing serious illness, we need to do whatever is necessary to prevent another pandemic…. It is time for scientists, especially those in the medical community, to perform a valid study of the possible impact of Industrial Wind Turbines on people. This necessarily would require talking to afflicted people and studying their environments while they are experiencing symptoms. Should the experts decide that “it’s all in their heads,” that would be important to know. We might even have ways of treating that.

Neil Andersen, one of the people whose lives have been upended by the Falmouth turbines describes his experience with 19 months of living as a “receptor,” a quarter of a mile from one of Falmouth’s 400’, 1.65 MW wind turbines. He asks the DEP/DPH a series of pointed questions in his Feb. 16 testimony and tells it like it is in

Having been thrown into the very middle of this living experiment, I have some very strong personal objections regarding most of the conclusions of the “expert independent health panel.

Howard Gostin, takes the panel study to task for its claims about noise from pitch-regulated versus stall-regulated turbines. His findings are validated by Rand and Ambrose.

The myth that pitch regulated turbines are quieter than stall regulated turbines is politically necessary for wind energy proponents, or Falmouth is shown to be the quieter technology.  So, in marching lockstep with the wind developers to meet the administration’s wind energy goals, you need to reinforce this by repeating the myth, and you do.  But your own data contradict your conclusion.

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