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H.2015 Hearing before Joint Committee on Public Health

June 12, 2019

Time for hearings on Beacon Hill. A health commission to study the effects of industrial wind turbines was one of the bills before the Joint Committee on Public Health on June 11, 2019. H.2015 establishes a commission to investigate and study the incidence and impacts of adverse health effects from land-based wind turbines. It also recommends administrative and legislative changes to mitigate or eliminate adverse health effects from land-based wind turbines.

Sub-audible sound waves sent out as the blades spin past the shaft set up vibration and resonance in our body cavities and fluid-filled spaces – ears, eyeballs, skull, our lungs and bellies. They are the ultimate, inescapable boombox moved in next door.

This is from Helen Parker’s testimony about infrasound low frequency noise (ILFN), which “impacts a significant 10-20%, perhaps 30% of the population.”

Most vulnerable are children, elders, and those who are especially reactive to sensation – those with a prior PTSD, autism, abuse victims, …and many of us whose souls are drawn to more rural rather than urban environments.
Symptoms: nausea, headaches, tinnitus, increased blood pressure, anxiety, difficulty with memory and concentration, and panic attacks which arise when awake or asleep.

David Dardi should know. As he wrote in his testimony:

I have been adversely affected by a wind turbine for the last 7 years and
have been unsuccessful in getting any relief from it’s affects. Several other of my neighbors have also been affected by this wind turbine and are equally as anxious to get relief and to have our situation exposed and studied.

To ask the Joint Committee on Public Health to report H.2015 favorably out of committee send comments to:
–Senate Chairperson Joanne M. Comerford:
–House Chairperson John J. Mahoney:

To cc your state Senator and Representative, click here for addresses

Representative David Vieira sponsored H.2015 – “Resolve to establish a commission to study the health impacts from land based wind turbines to protect the health of the citizens of the Commonwealth.” Co-sponsors include another Barnstable representative, Sarah Peake, and Cape and Islands representative Julian Cyr.

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  1. Cathy permalink
    June 12, 2019 9:19 pm

    To whom it may concern…. I live less than a mile (possibly .5 mile) from the 2 wind turbines in Fairhaven,MA. My bedroom window faces toward the turbines. In 2015, I developed a Shwanoma in my cochlea in my right ear and am now close to deaf in this ear. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you, Catherine Pires

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