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Wind in the 500 foot Rafters

December 23, 2018

How can the the Plymouth Future Generation Wind turbines be louder when turned off than when they are running? Chris Kapsambelis, trying to figure out the difference, noticed that before the turbines were built, the quiet night time noise ranged from 26.6 to 35.6 decibels (dBA).

Now, according to Tech Environmental noise testing, background noise is 7 to 18 dBA higher in the same locales. What could explain this? Consider the one new element in the cranberry bogs. There are now 4 wind energy plants, with nacelles alone that weigh 26 tons, suspended on 500 foot towers. 

Recently, I wrote about the curious phenomenon, where the wind turbine noise appeared softer than the ambient background, a seemingly impossible condition.

Since then, I have come across evidence that might explain how this is possible…. 

In retrospect, one must conclude that the extra noise with the turbines off, must be generated by the turbines themselves, even though they are turned off.

For more on the mystery, read the explanation Chris Kapsambelis came to.

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