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Bourne Board of Health Quandary

August 17, 2018

The Bourne BOH faces a “critical test of board of health power” in the words of Paul Gately, reporting in Bourne Wicked Local (The Bourne Courier).

“What [residents] seek this side of the Plymouth line could represent a critical test of board of health power in the public health, safety and welfare of Buzzards Bay residents,” he wrote in “Buzzards Bay residents raise issue with turbines” (8/10/18).

Plymouth's Future Generation Wind impact zoneAccording to the article, the Board is awaiting the results of testing of the turbines on the Mann property in Plymouth where the four turbines of the Future Generation Wind project operate. The Mass Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) was reviewing the recently completed noise report of Tech Environmental.

The MassDEP issued their review and found multiple inadequacies. In an August 2, 2018 letter, Maria E. Pinaud, the Southeast Deputy Regional Director, said

“…MassDEP is unable at this time to concur with Tech Environmental, Inc.’s conclusion presented in the report that ‘…all four of the FGW wind turbines are in compliance with MassDEP Noise Policy….'”

Pinaud addressed her letter to Plymouth’s Director of Inspectional Services and emphasized that there are 12 points requiring further details.

Noise, as an environmental pollutant, comes under MassDEP’s jurisdiction. To date, they have not acted to protect those residents who are impacted by the wind plants but live outside the communities where the projects operate.

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  1. peaceandquietplease permalink
    August 17, 2018 9:37 am

    The MassDEP has not acted in any way (direct action or in their stated capacity as a consultant to local officials) to PROTECT neighbors from the excessive, invasive and disruptive noise levels emanating from local wind power plants – the MassDEP had chosen to abdicate their responsibility to protect public health in favor of protecting wind power production… WHY?

    This case represents just another “process” which stonewalls neighbors need for appropriate remedy – in this case we have 4 2MW wind turbines sited, and operating, just 1,400′ to the closest neighbors in both Bourne and Plymouth.

    The MassDEP knows, or should know, at this point what the likely worst case noise conditions are… and they sure as heck should have supported the notion of testing inside the homes of neighbors to document the insidious low frequency noise levels which disrupt so many neighbors from daily living activities and/or appropriate sleeping environments.

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