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DOER Models a Comprehensive Energy Plan

August 2, 2018

The Massachusetts  Department of Energy Resources (DOER) hosted several public meetings at the end of July to introduce the scope of its Comprehensive Energy Plan. Several WWMA volunteers attended the Westfield meeting. A comment periodPower Sector Energy Use
presents an important opportunity to urge DOER to exclude any further land-based wind development in Massachusetts. The comment period ends August 3rd.

The slides for the presentation are posted here
You can make comments of 60 words or less through this survey or send longer statements by email to  

Questions focus on: 


  • The thermal, transportation, and power sectors;
  • The drivers and inputs into the modeling assumptions; and
  • The challenges and possible policy pathways for achieving our future energy goals.

Here is a comment submitted by Dale LaBonte:

As there was no mention of onshore wind turbines, I assume that the wind in the modeling is all off-shore. As there is no guarantee planned projects will be built, this seems to deviate from the status quo modeling. Wind is not a good option for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), especially as it isn’t clear that they work. (There is almost no information about actual power production). Poorly sited turbines onshore are a hazard to health and well-being, even if DEP ignores complaints.

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