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Savoy Speaks Loudly Against Taller Turbines

September 27, 2017
Concerns about noise, quality of life, and viability of the project led the reasons voters in Savoy rejected a bylaw amendment to allow larger wind turbine blades, according to Adam Shanks reporting in the Berkshire Eagle (Savoy voters reject bylaw change that would have allowed for taller turbines in wind energy project 9/27/17).
Pat Palmer, a Holly Road resident, said those who live near wind turbines in Florida had sparked concern among Savoy residents. She also questioned the PILOT payment.

“They’re not going to get the money they think they’re going to get,” Palmer said.

Wes Briggs was also against the proposal, citing the noise generated by the turbines and their potential health impacts.

“It wasn’t really about the length of the blades,” Briggs said.

The vote was 126 to 53, bringing into question the town’s willingness to proceed with the 5-turbine Minuteman Wind project on West Hill.

A bylaw amendment was needed to accommodate larger turbines the company said were needed because turbines in the original proposal are no longer manufactured.

When they initially submitted the proposal, developers initially told town officials the PILOT would exceed $200,000, according to Select Board Chairman John Tynan.

But since the wind farm project was resurrected about 18 months ago, the proposed annual PILOT has fallen to $73,000.

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