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If models low-ball noise, will ears cooperate?

March 15, 2016
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Acoustician Stephen Ambrose has released a one-page illustration (with the two graphs shown here) of the difference between modeled noise and the experience of measured noise as described in an RSG report from 2008. Modeling the current class of industrial wind turbines turns out to be a poor predictor of noise, either as recorded by instruments or as heard by the humans who come into contact with it.

Ambrose’s reminder comes at a time when the Wind and Noise Turbine Advisory Group (WNTAG) is about to have it’s “final” meeting, which will feature the “final report” the DEP plans to issue. According to Bethany A. Card, Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning of the  MassDEP, in an email on March, 14, 2016:

The March 18th meeting  is to provide an overview of the final  report. In addition,  MassDEP will also present ideas for possible revised noise policies and regulations. We will accept comments on that presentation and the ideas until early April and any on-going work related to possible regulation changes will provide additional opportunity for stakeholder and public involvement and comment.


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  1. March 16, 2016 5:05 pm

    Kaliski likes statistics. The black line is to show the average error for correction. He does the same thing with wind shear. The problem is that laws and regulations don’t limit the average noise. State laws and regulations limit total maximum noise. Hence MassDEP’s insistence to use the Lmax metric for impact sound measurements.

    What these graphics tell us is that, depending on when one chooses to measure wind turbine noise, one can find violations of the state’s noise air pollution violations

    Of course, no one needs to tell that to Barry and Larry!

  2. Larry Lorusso permalink
    March 16, 2016 10:08 am

    Barry, if no one speaks the winy (developers) and the neighbors are left hopeless…

    • BARRY FUNFAR permalink
      March 16, 2016 3:11 pm

      Larry, the now six years I’ve spent battling the Town of Falmouth has taken more out of me than my two tours in Vietnam. Persistence and paying attorney fees are easier when one knows he is right, but the feeling has built-up in me that I’d rather live in a third world country and let the religion of green run its course without my presence.

  3. BARRY FUNFAR permalink
    March 15, 2016 7:24 pm

    Steve has stuck his neck out time and time again in quest of the truth about industrial wind turbine noise. Those of us who live too close to these mammoth machines know all too well that Steve is right-on in his thinking. How so many so called ‘experts, are willing to say almost anything to support big wind, like the expert witnesses the Town of Falmouth hired to testify at the recent ZBA hearing deciding on Falmouth’s Wind I special permit. It is sickening that this situation persists year after year after year. Though we have spent much time in attempting to educate the DEP, the DOH, the DPU, the so-called ‘expert’ scientific panel, and numerous committees at the State House our pleas and first hand wisdom goes by the wayside. I truly feel that NONE of these departments of state have heard a word we’ve said.
    To the ‘expert’ health panel I sent 512 pages and received no response whatsoever. What is the use of talking if no one listens?
    We absolutely need people like Steve who are experts in their field willing to take some hits while the truth slowly comes out to shine.

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