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Bourne Selectmen Support BOH Action

December 2, 2015
Turbine under construction. Photo: Ron Schloerb, Cape Cod Times

Photo: Ron Schloerb, Cape Cod Times

Selectmen in Bourne authorized the Board of Health to meet with town counsel to pursue an injuction against Future Generation Wind.

The Bourne Board of Health’s request to the Selectmen came from its November 18th meeting. This  led to action on December 1, 2015, when
the Bourne Selectmen heard over an hour of debate, according to Madeleine List, reporting in the South Coast Today (“Bourne selectmen approve legal action to stop Plymouth turbines“) and the Cape Cod Times (“Bourne Selectmen approve legal action on Plymouth turbines“).
After over an hour of debate, the selectmen authorized the Board of Health to meet with the town counsel and discuss filing an injunction against Future Generation Wind.
The logistics and budget of doing so remain unknown, but residents expressed overwhelming support for the move.
Whether it is noise, strobing light, infrasound, loss of property value, or the viewscape, Bourne will experience impacts, as wind turbine developer Keith Mann himself admitted in at a December 2014 Board of Health meeting. In fact, the closest Bourne neighbors live just under 1,400 feet from one of the FGW turbines, which are sited on the Bourne town line in neighboring Plymouth.
An arbitrator’s ruling in the case of the Granite Links Golf course, adjacent to the  turbine site proposed for Milton, may have relevance in this situation. The arbitrator ruled that the turbine operations could not interfere with the golf course’s activities. For more on this, look back to 2013: “Golfers rule as arbitrator makes a point about ‘as of right’ siting.”


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