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Falmouth ZBA Doing the Right Thing with Shutdown Order

September 18, 2015

Cape Cod Times reporter Sean Driscoll called the decision of the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals “a stunning move” in his piece Falmouth zoning board orders turbine shutdown (9/17/15). The ZBA voted 4-1 on Thursday night to temporarily shut down Falmouth’s Wind One. This decision is one in a series prompted by neighbor complaints of the adverse impacts of turbine operations.

Attorney Christopher Senie, who represents Neil and Elizabeth Andersen, told the reporter,

“I think it’s a close call for a board like this but I think they saw the neighbors have been dealing with this for five years now,” he said. “We’re now aware that the turbines are not permitted and I think the board looked at some of their past decisions and realized the cease-and-desist order for a period of time until the special permitting process concludes is the right thing to do.”

This order is temporary and does not apply to Falmouth’s Wind Two. Another ZBA hearing is scheduled for October 29, 2015.

Mark Cool’s blog post on the issue opines Revisiting Superior Court Nearly Certain.


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  1. September 19, 2015 7:39 am

    The Select Board and the Board of Health in Falmouth have failed to protect the community against an obvious nuisance and health hazard. Impacted residents should not need to hire expert lawyers and acousticians, at great expense, to enjoy the amenity guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Bourne is about to repeat this saga with the installation of four wind turbines, larger than Falmouth’s, on the border of the Bournedale community, as close and closer than Falmouth’s giant wind turbines.

    Two critical hearings are on tap Tuesday with the Selectmen, and Wednesday with the Board of Health. Future Generation Wind needs critical permits from both boards to proceed with their installation in adjacent Plymouth.

    If you value your piece and quiet, you will want to attend.

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