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Promises, Promises . . .

August 31, 2015

Good wind

The project in Otis is based on a  map of Massachusetts wind prospects. Brimfield’s First Wind proposal relied on a more credible test. An anemometer ran for a year before the project was scrapped because there was not enough wind (although modeled at 7-7.5 meters/sec) in the designated location. The Otis location appears to be in the 6.5-7 m/s range.

Otis Wind

Otis Wind Feasibility Final Report–July 18, 2012

No adverse impacts

These studies modeling noise generally conclude that there will be no impacts for residents. However, within three months of Falmouth’s Wind One (a 1.65 MW Vestas turbine) beginning operation, noise complaints were registered with the town. The towns of Kingston and Fairhaven have likewise been deluged with noise complaints. The Hoosac project 1.5 MW GE turbines have been in the midst of a mitigation process, adding serrated edges to the turbine blades to reduce admitted noise pollution.

Out of sight

Watch a virtual tour of the Otis turbine based on FAA data.

Watch a virtual tour of the Otis turbine based on FAA data.

Without a tethered balloon to indicate the size of the turbine, residents are left to compare the proposed turbine with the one at the Williams Stone Quarry. That tower plus blade stands 290 feet high. News reports indicate the planned installation is 415 feet high and the FAA approved (May 2015) a 446-foot tall turbine.

View documents related to the wind turbine at the Otis Wind website.

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