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Noise Violations Captured in Kingston Data

August 17, 2015

Noise–well above the allowable 10 decibels above ambient–is the take-away from data gathered on December 13, 2013. Stephen Ambrose charted readings HMMH recorded that night. Green areas show the allowable limit. Readings above that level are highlighted in pink. He notes that the turbines were not even running at full power.

Question marks indicate anomalies in the measurements.

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  1. BARRY FUNFAR permalink
    August 20, 2015 7:51 am

    We humans do not hear or perceive sounds at average levels. It is the peaks and vibrations that give us the delirious symptoms. Call it Wind Turbine Syndrome for lack of a better all inclusive name. Credit Nina Peirpont for her early studies describing these affects. The problem is real and the sooner the wind industry and their minion political supporters realize this the better for our society. DR. Bruce Rapley’s submission to the Australian Senate was outstanding in giving an overall view of the entire problem with IWTs. Also credit Dr. Sarah Laurie for her unbending support for wind turbine victims around the world. Big Wind had been on a roll with the cooperation of many democrats and their legislators. Now people are wising-up, reading and investigating the economic shortfalls and the adverse health affects of too close industrial wind turbines.
    I have lived on my Falmouth, Massachusetts property for 35 years. It is no small thing to have my environment turned into one of chaos and torturous devastating phenomenon.
    Barry Funfar
    27 Ridgeview Drive
    Falmouth, Massachusetts
    1500 & 1600 feet distant from the Falmouth turbines.

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