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Upcoming Hearing on Health Effects

July 22, 2015

Many notable advocates for people impacted by wind turbines contributed their observations in June to the Australian Senate hearings.

Reports interviews regarding wind turbinesKeyFindingsJune2015Among them, Lilli-Ann Green of Wellfleet submitted this set of slides about her interviews around the world. She met people living near wind turbines and gathered information from scientists.

On Tuesday July 28, 2015 In Massachusetts, a joint committee will hear testimony in favor of H2032 to establish a commission to study the health impacts from wind turbines. To date there has been no effort to systematically gather information about the health of wind neighbors since turbines began operating near them.

The Joint Committee on Public Health hearing begins at 1:00 PM in room B-2 of the State House. Representative Sarah Peake, of Provincetown, sponsored the bill.

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  1. Chris Kapsambelis permalink
    July 24, 2015 5:38 pm

    Courage Barry, Courage!

    I know that those of us lucky, for now, not to live under a wind turbine, can’t imagine what you are going through, I just hope that knowing many of us are with you in the fight for your rights, helps you to continue the fight.

    Hope is eternal! I, for one, cannot wait for the huge celebration party when they finally turn them off!!

  2. BARRY FUNFAR permalink
    July 22, 2015 10:45 am

    It is disheartening to me that the leadership of Massachusetts has been so delinquent in addressing the negatives of wind power. Former Gov. Patrick pushed hard on his goal of 2000 MWatts of wind power by 2020 with the CEC, DEP, BOH, and WNTAG actually undermining anyone and everyones attempts to register the adverse affects of those living too close to industrial wind turbines.
    My first hand experience is going on six years of my life being disrupted by the Falmouth, MA municipal 1.65MWatt machines at 1500 and 1600 feet from the back wall of my home. I have come to the conclusion that for myself it is a two pronged attack on my senses of both audible and inaudible sound/pressure waves. The audible portion is an annoyance which causes continuous stress resulting in a condition of chronic stress. The inaudible portion of the spectrum, be it LFS or infrasound, causes an inner body disturbance marked by nausea, digestive problems, nervousness, panic attacks, etc. The combination of the effects results in a bundle of maladies, seemingly unique to each person, with my own list being quite lengthy. The bottom line for me has been depression and even suicidal ambitions. The inaction and delay tactics of the local and state government in addressing the problem, the proven decrease in my home value (22%), the loss of use of my home and property, and all the time diverted from my family and grandkids serves to exacerbate the core problem.
    How many times must I lend myself to attempts to correct this wrong? Another draining meeting giving the same testimony I have previously given100 times. Meanwhile the so-called justice system drags on and on, depleting our retirement funds and testing our endurance. I am sorry to complain.
    Know that as an example to my grandkids I must continue this fight for rights and freedom to its conclusion. My new “safe zone” is no longer my Falmouth home with woodland gardens.
    Moving it to the Dominican Republic has sucked the breath from me and torn my allegiance.
    I now fly only the USMC flag at both properties. Persistence……

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