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Dropped Data Raises Concerns

February 26, 2015

Graph shows gaps in dataIberdrola missed a few deadlines on its way to meeting a self-imposed schedule to bring its turbines into line with the Mass. noise limits. As a result, the DEP issued a consent order with mandated deadlines, followed by a fine of $1000 per day if the violations continue. To comply with the order, Iberdrola must respond to complaints about noise. A recent complaint brought a less-than-stellar response, as indicated in the report.Stephen Ambrose letter to MADEP Analysis by acoustician Stephen Ambrose noted the data gaps, which he detailed in a subsequent letter to the Mass. DEP.

My professional opinion is that this wind-turbine compliance noise test is not credible and does not show that the turbines meet the Mass DEP noise limits.

Click on the images to see the letter and the RSG report data.

Observers have noted that whenever sound monitoring is done at the Hoosac, significant data points are eliminated from the report findings.



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