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2015 Support for H2032–Marie Stamos

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Comments of Marie J. Stamos, Quincy, MA to The Joint Committee on Public Health regarding House Bill 2032

I am here today to ask simply for the expedited passage of Representative Sarah Peake’s Bill: 2032, and for you to enable, as quickly as possible, the required Legislation to initiate the health impacts investigation and study of the industrial wind turbine.

In 2008, we were all greenwashed and smitten by Green Communities Act 2008 eager to address climate change and do our part.  We forgot that the devil is in the details and we did not ask questions.  Few of us delved into the details. We were elated. We supported the coming of the industrial wind turbine to “our town”.

We went along and impossible legislation and mandates followed.

We did not know or appreciate that the industrial wind turbine was and is, in reality, an industrial machine that would industrialize rural and residential neighborhoods and that it would not be, could not be depended upon or relied upon to prevent the furtherance of climate change. The climate change issue is much more complicated than one simplistic answer, renewable energy.  In the issue before you today, renewable energy takes form as the industrial wind turbine, a very complicated and destructive industrial machine.

We are all guilty; we were thrilled with the thought of free wind, the modern day wind mill.  The wind turbine which made sense then does not today. Today we understand that there are proven health issues that must be researched fully to enable proper siting with no negative impact to human health or quality of life.

Today we know better otherwise this Public Hearing would not be in process, you and we would not be here today discussing health issues and Legislated remedial actions for health problems caused by poorly sited industrial wind turbines.

Today, before you, you have many people who have suffered without acknowledgement or relief from the health impacts caused by the industrial wind turbine. Present, today, are but a few compared to the number of victims in our state of Massachusetts and, actually, across this country and around the world.

Senator, John Keenan, and Representative, Bruce Ayers, are sponsors of Sarah Peake’s Bill as are eight more Legislators from various districts.  So, too, must each of you reach out and Support this Bill, House Bill 2032.

Poorly sited industrial wind turbines is not a district wide issue, it must be regarded today as a potential statewide health concern.  As you see and hear today, it is a reality and unless dealt with immediately, it may become what could have been a preventable statewide health disaster.

The investigations and studies outlined in H.2032 should have been mandated prior to the implementation of Green Communities Act 2008 and the implementation of the industrial wind turbine agenda.  It has been known since the late 1980’s that there were/are health impacting issues inherent in the industrial wind turbine.

I think you will each agree that because of what we did not know and did not understand or did not question, we are all complicit.  We must work together now, today, to slow the industrial wind turbine agendauntil we know all the facts regarding health issues, current and potential, inherent in the industrial wind turbine, only then can we move forward in a manner that will no longer jeopardize or impact the health, well-being, and quality of life of the citizens of Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns.


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