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Support Brown County WI Board of Health Declaration

November 29, 2014

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy is asking for your experience with wind turbines to submit to their Board of Health in support of the Shirley Wind Human Health Hazard Declaration.

If you or others you know have experienced negative health impacts from living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines and would like to share that experience along with your words of support with the Brown County Board of Health, please do so.

The address is

BCCRWE welcomes and encourages individuals, organizations, and governmental agencies from around the world to send their words of support regarding the Board of Health’s action. BCCRWE will pass your emails on to the Brown County Board of Health as support for their courage, integrity, responsibility, intellectual honesty, and care in declaring the industrial wind turbines at Shirley Wind to be human health hazards.

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  1. November 30, 2014 8:50 am

    FYI – Submitted Government’s Obligation & Responsibility: A perspective – past to present To Wisconsin’s Brown County Board of Health,

    Let me begin by urging continued perseverance. Wisconsin has a long tradition of social welfare legislation and regulation protection.  As example, In 1911, Wisconsin pioneered the first successful workers’ compensation program in response to public concern for the condition of the working classes.  Many changes have beset government and with them, legislation and regulation that has been promoted to protected the public.  Once the recent need was recognized by Brown County’s Board of Health, through relatively unscientific yet shocking accounts of the conditions under which some citizens live, a declaration was made.  I sincerely thank you! As the Board is aware, the chief duty of any regulatory body is to enforce the laws. The chief law of all boards of health, while exercising common sense and reason, is protecting the health and welfare of those placed in their charge. I could share with your board my air traffic control testimony offered to the Falmouth MA  Board of Health (May 24, 2012) involving a near mid-air collision after chronic sleep deprivation believed caused by our community’s wind project.  Instead, as a member of my community’s zoning board of appeals, I call upon the Boards’ good sense that it takes government to establish the rules of the game assuring fair play between industry and residents that don’t have the resources to protect themselves. In terms of law, justice to the health and welfare of a citizen under your charge requires a process, first and foremost, of protection.  To be clear, to date (supported by Health Canada’s preliminary findings), no clear, predictable and protective environmental standards exist that safely ensures wind energy generation facilities are sited in appropriate locations.  Until proven otherwise, the law, common sense and reason dictate, and it is my humble plea, that the Brown County Board of Health take necessary steps, in line with their responsibilities, to mitigate and regulate current and proposed wind energy projects. Respectfully Submitted, Mark J. CoolFalmouth Massachusetts

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