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Gloucester Hearing on DPU Initiative

January 31, 2014

A small attendance at the Gloucester hearing on January 29, 2014 did not diminish the strength of testimony presented by eight individuals. In his testimony, acoustician Stephen Ambrose described his first-hand experience with turbines in homes of affected neighbors. He also brought his more than 35 years of professional experience to the issue:

 I have visited Fairhaven, Kingston and Scituate and other wind turbine sites. Neighbors living near these facilities are being harmed, yet they are being ignored by those entrusted with the responsibility for protecting public health. Why is this? Why is Massachusetts only funding studies to disprove and invalidate neighbors’ complaints? This is WRONG! The State must acknowledge neighbors’ hardships and provide comfort and assurance that this will be remedied. An expression of sympathy is the right first step. Instead, the State continues to voice disdain and contempt for neighbors’ complaints. This must STOP! 

Read more of his testimony.

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