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Falmouth Human Rights Conference Highlights

October 20, 2013

BeQuietCarIn Steve Ambrose’s homage to Back To The Future, Doc and Marty confer over the 7 studies produced for Falmouth. In every study–whether modeled or measured–the noise exceeded a) Mass DEP regulations and b) Falmouth noise limits. So, surprise surprise, the noise complaints have come rolling in as predicted by the chart developed by Ambrose and his colleague Rob Rand. (More about Steve Ambrose)

Audience questions about community response to wind turbine noise brought out some of the misconceptions about measuring noise and amplified Ambrose’s point that buried somewhere in every report was the telltale number that anticipated human impacts from Falmouth’s Wind 1.  He has kindly shared his presentation.

Sarah Laurie was unable to attend via web conferencing, but her presentation,”Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects, and Professional Ethics” was delivered in person by Fairhaven resident Curt Devlin. Waubra foundation research on infrasound, low frequency noise (ILFN) and vibration are revealing the causal agents of mental and physical health problems near industrial wind turbines.

Wellfleet resident Lilli Green described her collaboration in interviewing over 200 people in 15 countries about their experience of or research into adverse impacts of wind turbines.

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