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Falmouth Selectmen Reconsider Curtailment

September 16, 2013

In a recent mailing, Malcolm Donald notes, “Selectmen will hear public comment Monday night on their four options to increase wind turbine operations and then will VOTE!”

While a packed agenda puts the public hearing at the end of the session, there will be no lack of passion. The prospect of running the turbines at night, one of the four options under consideration, will have significant impacts on those living within the range of turbine noise and vibration. Selectmen are convening in the Hermann Room of the Falmouth Public Library in order to accommodate a bigger crowd.

According to Christopher Khazarian writing for the Falmouth Enterprise (“Town Manager Urges SelectmenTo Act On Turbines” 9/10/13)

The scenarios include full operation of both turbines, estimated to generate just over $220,000 of revenue in the first year and $3.87 million over a 10-year period.
Another option would be operating both wind turbines 20 hours per day, which would generate just under $60,000 in the first year and $2.07 million over a 10-year period.
The third scenario calls for a 16-hour operation of Wind 1 and operating Wind 2 with no limitations, enough to generate $88,000 in the first year and $2.36 million over a 10-year period.
And the final one would have Wind 1 operating for 20 hours a day and Wind 2 operating with no limitations. That would generate $155,000 in the first year and $3.12 million over a 10-year period.
Under those scenarios the town would be able to generate enough revenue to support the creation of a mitigation fund that would address adversely impacted neighbors.

In his blog post of 9/13/13 (Letters (X2) – Falmouth E – Friday 13, 2013), Mark Cool presents two letters published in the Enterprise. In his letter, Cool points out that if one or both turbines operate at night, they are likely to violate the DEP’s noise limits. John Ford debunks the prospect of sound mitigation efforts. He describes installing specialty windows and additional partitioning but, he wrote, “In spite of these extraordinary measures, noise still penetrates. This is reality, not a projection, not a study. Home mitigation will not work.”

Donald’s email recommends these documents for reference:

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