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Fairhaven’s Special Election for Board of Health Today

September 9, 2013

In her recent letter to South Coast Today, Ann DeNardis describes the steps that led from last April’s discredited election result in the Board of Health race. She reminds voters:

Residents of Fairhaven, please vote on September 9, 2013. The last election clearly shows that every vote counts. It is your right and your responsibility.

The current race is decided today between candidates BOH Chairman Peter DeTerra and Registered Nurse John Wethington. The atmosphere is thick with contentious public exchanges outlined by Ariel Wittenberg in “Debate between rival turbine groups in Fairhaven heats up on Facebook.”

The “Change Fairhaven” political action committee was set up to support election of town officials less biased in favor of wind development. They produced the video “Peter DeTerra in his Own Words” to show the issues at stake in this election. Meanwhile the “Friends of Fairhaven Wind” political action committee has been active in this election cycle, according to another Wittenberg SCT piece “Turbine ‘Friends’ become vocal with support.”
People living in the shadow of the twin turbines have also had their experience highlighted in the recent video, “Too Close.”
At the end of the first election for the BOH seat, Wethington was declared a winner and sworn in. But then more ballots were “found.” The findings went to court and the judge threw out some ballots, declared it a tie and called for another election. Because DeTerra was the incumbent he continued on in that role until this election. Secretary of State William Galvin also opened an investigation into the irregularities in April.
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