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WNTAG Discussion on Video

September 2, 2013

The Wind turbine Noise Technical Advisory Group’s second public meeting on August 15, 2013 considered details of how to capture and interpret wind turbine noise emissions and how to regulate them. Much of the panel’s discussion revolved around measuring the sound levels and the amplitude modulation. In these clips, acousticians, engineers and policy makers bring their points of view to the issues. Consensus Building Institute (CBI) staff members Stacie Smith and Patrick Field act as moderators. (To read panel members’ profiles, click here).

Editor’s Note: This was the first project for this videographer and participants did not use microphones, so image and sound quality are uneven at times. During the early part of the meeting, an unrelated demonstration was in progress outside the building.

Speaker order: Robert O’Neal, Martin Suuberg (Mass DEP), Claude Cote, Patrick Field
Speaker order: Steve Ambrose, Albert Bangert, Martin Suuberg, Todd Drummey, Chris Menge, Steve Ambrose
Speaker order: Stacie Smith, Michael Bahtiarian
Speaker order: Steve Ambrose, Sheryl Grace (by telephone) Todd Drummey, Stacie Smith, Michael Bahtiarian
Noise Regulation
Public comments (limited to under 3 minutes) speaker order: David Dardi, Lindsey Deane, Lauren Wells, Andy Wells, Joe Hackler, Virginia Irvine, Stacie Smith, Martin Suuberg, Michael Bahtiarian, Patrick Field

The WNTAG was commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The group’s work is to review MassDEP noise guidelines. The group’s monthly meeting schedule, and materials for each meeting, are hosted on the Consensus Building Institute’s pages. The summary of the first public meeting in July has been posted.

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